Moonrock Rolling Tray



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Rolling trays are the perfect accessory for smokers whether you use glass, vaporizers, rolling papers, or wraps. Keep your herb contained while you grind up or load bowls! Choose from 100’s of different sizes, graphics, and styles to find the one that best represents you. Start your collection today by browsing through the top brands and manufacturers like Be Lit, RAW, and Leaf Lock Gear.


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And for those on the go, the good doctor has created Moonrock Clear, a brand of vape pens and cartridges that mix the great taste and potency of Moonrocks with peak portability. Now you can go to the moon at any time, anywhere.


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In addition to the Moonrock Line, Dr. Zodiak also offers some of the tastiest edibles around, including Scrumptious cereal bars, brownies, and more. And for those who would rather wet their Whistle, Dr.Zodiak’s new MoonWalk Syrup packs a 1,000 MG punch and it’s available in Grape, Pineapple, and all sorts of other tantalizing flavors.