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420 Delivery Canberra Legislation: Possession of Cannabis is illegal, but the possession of 25 grams of dried Cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized in the ACT, meaning that it will not warrant a criminal conviction. Similarly, anyone can grow up to two Cannabis plants without facing criminal charges – instead, the police have the discretion to issue a “Simple Cannabis Offence Notice”.

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420 Delivery Canberra  Law Enforcement: The AFP generally tend to be pretty realistic, and focuses on “real crimes” instead of Marijuana use. Don’t wave your spliff in a cop’s face and you’ll be fine.

Where to buy marijuana in Canberra, Australia: Let me put it like this: If you want to get intoxicated, Civic is the place to be. The report on webehigh.com that I saw suggested Manuka, but as a Canberra resident, I’ve never found Manuka to be good for buying weed. Buy Xannax Online Australia

Instead, go to Civic (Thursday and Friday nights are the best time) and find a smallish club called Toast on the far eastern side, sort of near the Canberra Casino. If you know where Electric Shadows used to be (look for a staircase), Toast is located on one side of a funky courtyard at the top of the stairs which is full of Hexagons. If you look down and are reminded of Benzene Rings, you’re in the right place.

Toast is a great place. The first Friday of every month, Toast hosts Lithium, a music event to which Canberra’s Hippies, Goths and Emos are attracted like flies, and all of the people there tend to be either weed users or otherwise sympathetic.


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More information: It is worth noting that the weed available in Canberra is generally pretty potent. In general, you never really get ripped off – even if you pay seemingly exorbitant sums for a small amount of pot that doesn’t last very long, that small amount will get you seriously stoned.